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Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing

Increase Client Development

Your clients are your number one source of revenue, and through innovative techniques, we'll help you reach and develop potential clients. With our assistance, your website will become an effective and formidable client referral machine.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Solidify a spot among top ranking search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and more! Using an established multi-front strategy that's tailored for your business, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices will propel your site ahead of hundreds of others.

Expand Your Web Presence

Our extensive Internet campaign will ignite your business and take your site's Internet presence to the next level. We understand that each marketing campaign is unique and we'll work closely with you on a custom solution for your business model.

Your website can be designed to reach clients across the globe or locals found in neighboring cities—you decide.

Questions Answered – Problems Solved

What is the AP Strategic Ad Campaign?

AP Strategic Ad Campaign is a subscription service that gives your business visibility in the search engines. We place your business directly in front of potential clients and customers.

How does it work?

AP Strategic Ad Campaign works in two ways. First, we submit your website to the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, MSN (Bing), Alta Vista, and others. Second, we create a customized pay-per-click advertising campaign based on keywords that are related to your business. When a user searches one of your keywords, your ad is triggered and prospective customers are presented with your website.

What exactly is "pay per click advertising?"

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an innovative way to tap into your online audience. Whether you know it or not, there are people interested in your product or service looking for you online.

PPC advertising lets you target these people at precisely the right moment: when they search for a keyword related to your business. For instance, if you are a Criminal DUI Attorney in Stuart, Florida, it makes sense to target people searching for things like "DUI Attorney Stuart Fl," "DWI Stuart Florida," and "Drunk Driving Stuart Fl." With a PPC campaign, you can do just that. Moreover, since your ads are displayed only when a user searches for one of your keywords, PPC is the most cost-effective form of advertising available. There is no wasted effort; there are only results.

So what happens after I join AP Strategic Ad Campaign?

When you join AP Strategic Ad Campaign, our knowledgeable SEO specialists analyze your account and create a customized PPC campaign. This includes selecting a list of targeted keywords specific to your business and industry or practice area and creating customized text advertisements. When a user searches one of your keywords, your ad is triggered, and the user is directed to your website. The amount of traffic you receive is determined by the budget of the AP Strategic Ad Campaign package you select.

Do you offer a package for my business or Practice? How much will it cost?

When you sign-up for AP Strategic Ad Campaign, you have the option of choosing among the following packages:

Starter – A Try-Out Traffic Volume ($375/month – no monthly commitment)
If you want to get started, but you're not exactly sure how it works, the Starter package may be right for you. The Starter package is a low-cost way to boost your website traffic. If you decide you want more traffic down the line, you can always upgrade to our Core or Premier packages.
Core – Competitive Traffic Volume ($225/month)
Our most popular program, the Core package is a great place to start. Designed for those seeking a competitive volume of traffic, the Core package offers higher visibility in the search engines and more opportunity for clicks and conversions. Likewise, the higher budget means we can select a larger variety of keywords to trigger your ads, giving you a serious edge over your competition.
Premier – Aggressive Traffic Volume ($495/month)
The Premier package is designed for those seeking an aggressive volume of traffic and the highest level of visibility in the search engines. Likewise, the Premier package is the recommended choice for those competing in highly saturated markets like real estate, personal injury, and commercial litigation in major metros.

Have a larger budget? No problem. We can customize your PPC campaign based on your individual needs. In other words, the packages are just a starting point. The sky is the limit. Discuss your campaign with a friendly A Pivotal Strategies representative now.

Why should I choose A Pivotal Strategies?

When you choose A Pivotal Strategies as your PPC advertising partner, you have the highest possible chance of success. Whereas many competitors guarantee a number of clicks for a predetermined price, our AP Strategic Ad Campaign service does not limit clicks this way. With AP Strategic Ad Campaign, you can receive as many clicks as possible within your budget. And if you want more clicks, you simply increase your budget. You can count on us to optimize your campaign, so you receive the highest quality clicks for your money. That is our guarantee.

Who should use AP Strategic Ad Campaign? Is AP Strategic Ad Campaign for me?

A Pivotal Strategies focuses on the needs of Professional Offices such as:

  • Attorneys
  • Doctors
  • Accountants
  • Small Local Businesses
  • Corporations
  • Entrepreneurs

BUT anyone can benefit! AP Strategic Ad Campaign is for anyone who wants to advertise online, including:

  • Website Owners
  • Home Businesses
  • Online Businesses
  • eCommerce Sites
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • MLMs

Why won't A Pivotal Strategies Consultancy Corporation guarantee #1 positioning?

You may be expecting us to guarantee results or tell you that your website will come up as #1 every time. It is actually not possible to guarantee #1 positions. In fact, while many of our competitors offer such promises, due to the nature of the search engine companies business models, it is actually impossible to promise things like clicks or positioning. This is because the success of any PPC campaign depends a wide array of factors, some of which you can control yourself, and others you cannot.

Our job at APS is to optimize the controllable factors to give you the best possible chance to succeed—and we know our approach works. Just ask the many satisfied clients and customers we have had the pleasure of serving over the past year.

When I order AP Strategic Ad Campaign, what will I get?

When you become a AP Strategic Ad Campaign member, you can expect:

  • Targeted website traffic
  • Higher visibility in the search engines
  • The highest quality customer care and support
  • A knowledgeable PPC specialist dedicated to optimizing your campaign

There are a lot of fly-by-night search engine marketing firms out there. Some get into the business to make a quick buck, others because they think it is an easy way to capitalize on the growing demand for online advertising. But none of these companies have the experience of A Pivotal Strategies. APS has been helping Professional Offices like yours succeed for over the past year and counting.

Why do I have fewer than the maximum number of keywords for my plan?

If you signed up for either our Core or Premier package you may notice that you have fewer than the maximum twenty-five or fifty keywords (respectively) in your account. There is a reason that APS tries to do this. Extensive market research has shown that by concentrating more of your budget on fewer high performing terms, the overall performance of your advertising will significantly improve. This will eliminate the problem of spreading an advertising budget too thin and not giving your top words the ability to perform at their highest level.

Every modification we make to an account is in the best interest of our clients. We make these decisions based on our intimate knowledge of the online advertising business, along with previous experiences with our existing clients. With that said, you will always have the ability to make any changes to your account, even if it is against our recommendations.

I already use PPC or Google Adwords. Do I still need AP Strategic Ad Campaign?

Unless you are an expert in PPC advertising, the Internet can be a difficult place to navigate. With search engine marketing rules in constant flux, the smart move it to partner with a knowledgeable guide that's dedicated to your success. What's more, when you join AP Strategic Ad Campaign, you can rest easy knowing your PPC advertising campaign is in the hands of professionals with many years of experience and a wealth of expertise.